Post Monroe Supply: We’re a husband and wife picker team who, along with our two boys, travel around the Midwest searching for perfect pieces to bring to you. With a love of anything outdoorsy, army green or anything containing cubbies or drawers, we try to only pick pieces we would put in our own home.

Buying and selling has been with us from the start – not long after we started dating we opened an eBay store where we scoured the Salvation Army and Goodwill for vintage things to sell online. That led to going to auctions and estate sales, which led to renting a booth at a local antique mall, which led to co-owning an antique mall in our small hometown. Over the last 13 years, we’ve crafted our particular style and are excited to bring these pieces to you.

Find us in person at our next show, or shop the online store to see some of our favorite finds.


Photos by Iron & Lace Photography, Love Alexandra Photography and Shelby Resler Photography